Worship Ministries

Liturgy Planning Committee

Do you appreciate good liturgy?  Do you have an interest in helping shape our liturgies at St. Pat’s?  The liturgy planning committee meets monthly on the first Thursday to plan liturgies for ordinary time as well as seasonal celebrations that call our community to full, active participation as mandated by Vatican II. 


Eileen Murphy  



Our weekly and feast day liturgies call the community to gather and listen attentively to the Words of Scripture. Do you love the Scriptures? Do you feel called to proclaim the Word publicly to the assembly during the liturgy? The lector ministry offers an opportunity for you to become a reader. Following a brief period of training, you will be added to the roster of readers and placed on a schedule for the liturgy of your choosing. Readers will normally read once every 4-6 weeks.


Kathleen Boushey  


Eucharistic Ministers

A desire to serve in the profound act of offering the Body and Blood to others at mass is the main requirement for being a Eucharistic minister.  Being available at either the 8am or 10am mass about once a month is another.  You may also take the extra step and learn how to help the priest prepare the gifts for consecration.  Training is provided.


Stephanie Kelly   



Betty Lucas  



An important ministry at mass is the head usher who attends to the details surrounding the liturgy, including the sacristan duties such as readying the bread and wine, arranging for the collection, locking doors, etc.  If you are detail-oriented, appreciate being part of the flow of Sunday liturgy and are willing to contribute your time to this ministry about once a month, please consider joining the head usher team.


Michael O’Connell


Bread Bakers

Baking the bread for Sunday's Eucharist is a quiet, satisfying ministry. Schedules are prepared quarterly and sent to you by email.  The recipe is simple. You bake once or twice a quarter (and can request or exclude specific dates) and then bring the cubed bread and the small loaf for the consecration to the vesting room about 15 minutes before mass.  Parents of young children may find that bread baking together is a fine introduction to first communion.


Karla Bocek


Music Ministry

Music opens the heart to God's Word in a profound way.  Do you feel called to proclaim the Word each week in song or instrument and to help lead the assembly to a deeper sense of prayer and community as the Body of Christ?  If so, than the music ministry at St. Pat's is the place for you!  Music ministers for both the 8:00 and 10:00 Masses rehearse together, Tuesday evenings, from 7:30-9:00.  Come experience the liturgical cycle as we sing our way through the church year!


Laura Ash


Liturgical Movement

Over the years, our parish has developed a great love for the ministry of movement as a way of deepening and enhancing our community prayer. The art of dance has become an honored tradition at special feast days as well as in ordinary time.  Do you feel called to move?  Participants of all ages and experience are welcome!  Rehearsals generally take place on Sundays, two to three weeks in advance of a particular offering.  Some pieces feature drama, others dance, and still others focus on American Sign Language.  Join us for a chance to “move your faith.”


Betsey Beckman


Church Environment Ministry

The Church Environment Ministry is both sacred and joyous work.  Our intention is to honor seasonal aspects of our liturgies by placing the right banners, providing and arranging plants and flowers, and designing bulletin board displays.  If you feel a call to enhance our sacred space with suggestions, support or just by providing flowers for the altar to acknowledge a special person or occasion in your life, we encourage you to join this rewarding ministry.


Silvana Hale



Sandy Sanford


Welcome Ministry

The Welcome Ministry provides focus and leadership in support of our parish goal:  “Everyone who comes to St Pat’s will feel Welcome”.

Opportunities include: Greeters:  On a rotating schedule, greeters welcome people as they arrive for Mass, hand out bulletins, encourage people to wear nametags and provide a thank people for coming after Mass.


Sandi Tennyson


Celebration Committee

Gathering together around food and good conversation is an important requirement for keeping a faith community strong.  We have several social events and receptions throughout the year.  Helping with one of these events is a great way to meet new folks or to share your talents for entertaining, decorating or cooking.  Socials and receptions include:  Epiphany coffee hour; Facilities Committee thank-you dinner; Easter and Christmas receptions and new parishioner gatherings.  This committee also organized and facilitates funeral receptions.


Sandi Tennyson



Rosemary Ryan


Coffee Hour

The purpose of our Coffee Hour is to build our community by providing an opportunity for parishioners and guests, to meet socially after mass.  The Coffee Hour host ensures that the coffee and hot water, cream, sugar, donuts, etc. are set out after each mass and then clean up afterwards.  We could also use someone to occasionally help pick up the doughnuts and other items Sunday morning.


Chuck Treser


Cabrini Ministry

Those who go through the 6-month Cabrini Ministry training program provide pastoral support for parishioners who are ill, homebound or grieving.  If you feel a call to minister one-on-one to those in vulnerable situations, being a Cabrini Minister will give you the training and skills needed to fulfill you call.


Parish Office


Senior Ministry

We provide rides for those seniors who aren’t able to get to mass on their own. On a rotating basis, parishioners pick up one or more seniors on Sunday mornings and, if they are wheel-chair bound, help them get settled in the Church. This ministry also plans a lunch and anointing mass once or twice a year. Parishioners help to serve the lunch and/or provide food.


Kathleen Berry





If you would like to volunteer in the parish, please complete the volunteer form or print and mail it to the Parish Office. Thank you!