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We don't just say it. We live it.

We, the people of God at St. Patrick Catholic Church, are a welcoming Christ-centered community committed to keeping alive the vision and hope of Vatican II. Our Sunday liturgy, enhanced by the creative arts, strengthens us for the work of peace and justice in the world and challenges us to live in communion with one another and all of creation.





"If today you hear God's voice, harden not your heart" 


Psalm 95


Almost Spring at St. Pat's


Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Jesus is showcasing the power of listening and the ministry of presence in this week's Gospel. Our paired community will bring into the Church a Catechumen at the Easter Vigil. As such, we are looking at the Scrutinies for the next three weeks of Lent. This week's Scrutiny is the woman at the well.

How we approach conversations matters. Listening matters. Listening can change lives. At the height of the Civil Rights movement, African American icon Xernona Clayton was put in charge of a neighborhood project in Atlanta during the time of Martin Luther King Jr. She was a close friend of the Kings. One of the neighborhood people she had to work with was Calvin Craig, a Grand Dragon of the KKK. She spent hours and hours listening to him as they worked together on the project. In time, Craig would renounce his membership in the KKK and resign as Grand Dragon. When asked why, Craig said he resigned due to his relationship with Xernona Clayton. He said he realized he cannot hate her, she is "one of the best people I've ever met." Years later, one of Craig's daughters upon meeting Xernona Clayton burst into tears and told her, "you saved our family."

May we have the courage to listen - even to people we disagree with or whose views we find offensive. And may our actions always be grounded in the ministry of Christ who is the source of living water.


Deacon Dennis Kelly 

Pastoral Coordinator  

Christ Our Hope / St. Patrick Parish Communities


Friday Lenten Morning Prayer begins this Friday!

All are welcome to join Christ Our Hope's Friday Lenten Morning Prayer at 8 AM on Zoom. The link for the 8 AM prayer throughout Lent will be the same each week. Please contact Laura (


CRS Spotlight: Sustainabilty in El Salvador

Drought has become a big problem across El Salvador, making it difficult for farmers to produce enough crops to support their

families. But new farming techniques-and a new generation of young farmers-are making a difference.

What would you do if your livelihood was threatened? How can you support young people in your community and around the world? Visit to learn more. Visit to learn more.


Cooking, Cocktails, and Community!

Join us on Zoom at 5:30 PM on Friday, March 12th as we feature the second Cooking and Cocktail/Mocktails with a recipe from El Salvador; Pupusas de Queso con Curtido y Salsa Roja.

Our second gathering will be hosted by Christ Our Hope's Jessica Montalvo and Christ Our Hope & St. Patrick Parishioner Kelly Hickman! 

An email will be sent out on Friday, March 5th with all the necessary ingredients for the meal, (two items you can prepare in advance), and mocktail/cocktails for the event on March 12th.

Save the date for a future event also!

Contact Kelly Hickman for the Zoom link (


Racial Justice Lenten Small Groups

You are encouraged to also join a small reflection group that meets once a week throughout Lent to discuss what you are learning, share your thoughts, and help to build community. These groups will be facilitated by the Racial Equity Committee of both St. Patrick's and Christ Our Hope communities.

The small reflection groups are underway. The facilitator and schedule are as follows:

  • Monday at 3 PM -  email Jan Thomas for Zoom link
  • Tuesday at 7 PM - email Liza Neal for Zoom link
  • Wednesday at 6:30 PM - email Kathy Keefe for Zoom link
  • Thursday at 10 AM - email Lisa Dennison for Zoom link

If you would like more information please reach out to Lisa Dennison at


Lenten Tree of Hope

Our Lenten Tree of Hope is up in the Church, benefiting our Sister Parish in Nueva Trinidad. Please pick up a tag and give to the various projects in the community in El Salvador, such as the senior food program and internet connections for all. Muchas gracias por todos.  


Care for Creation: New Thursday Evening Carbon Footprint Reduction Discussion Group

Ever wonder how many toothbrushes you go through in a year? It may be time to switch to a bamboo option. In addition to your new brushes, try out some silk dental floss; many come in refillable glass containers. You can even opt for toothpaste tablets and ditch the plastic tube altogether. To further reduce your plastic waste in the bathroom, consider ditching your plastic razor for an all-metal safety razor.

Feeling motivated to reduce your carbon footprint? Share successes? Discuss carbon footprint reducing ideas? Starting March 11th join our new Thursday Evening 7 PM, email Liza Neal with any questions or get the Zoom link.


Saturday Night Games Night: Bingo

Game nights happen each month on the first and third Saturday evenings, from 6 PM - 8 PM. Our next virtual Game Night on March 6th will be silent BINGO to practice communication with our Deaf parishioners who will be invited to play. 

From 6 PM - 6:30 PM, Ellen will provide a tutorial for BINGO related ASL practice (letters, numbers, a few words). The game begins at 6:30 PM. Hope you can join the fun on Saturday night!

Contact Elaine for the Zoom link (


Sacred Encounters

In the weeks ahead, St. Patrick and Christ Our Hope will launch the new Sacred Encounters ministry. This ministry is open to participation by all in our community. While a small group will actually take to the streets to minister to those experiencing homelessness in downtown Seattle, we will need everyone's help to sustain this important outreach initiative. For those interested in being part of the street team, formation has begun (on Zoom - Sessions recorded). Please reach out to Dcn. Dennis and let him know of your interest in joining this group.

This new ministry will allow our paired parish community to better be a part of what Pope Francis calls a Culture of Encounter with those suffering on the peripheries. Everyone in our parish can do their part to help sustain this important effort.

We are collecting needed "survival" items for this effort. Please consider donating the following items via Amazon Wish List. Dollar stores have great deals. Items include: Multiple package Kleenex, Combs, Soap, Chapstick, and Disposable Razors, Travel size Shampoo, Conditioners, and Hand Lotion. You can purchase these items via the following Amazon Wishlist account by clicking here. 



The Year of Eucharist

Archbishop Paul D. Etienne invites everyone to celebrate the Year of the Eucharist. Started last June during the pandemic, the Archbishop said, "During the coming year, I ask every Catholic and every parish community to commit themselves to deepening our understanding and experience of the Eucharist and strengthening our Eucharistic liturgies."

More resources and communication will be shared in the coming weeks to take a closer look at the presence of the Eucharist in our lives. In the meantime, here are 12 New Year's Eucharistic resolutions suggested in a recent article in Northwest Catholic. You can access the article here.


Free Tax Aid for the Community from United Way

From February 12th to April 18th, 2021, trained and IRS-certified tax experts will be available to provide online assistance in filing your taxes. United Way Tax Program works hard to maximize your return so you can keep more of your money. They can also assist with claiming stimulus check money. It also allows people to file for free online and get information and assistance over the phone in numerous languages. If you would like more information you can check out our website at


Called to Serve as Christ UPDATE

Here's an update on our parish's participation in the Called to Serve as Christ Campaign:


Campaign Goal: $423,466

# of Gifts: 77

% of Families: 38%

Total Pledged: $168,575

% of Goal: 40%

Parish Share to be donated to Women Religious Orders:


Click here to donate

Thank you to all who have donated to this worthy campaign. This money will ensure a secure retirement and healthcare for our women religious and our priests.




Sunday Mass ONLINE


Sundays 10:30am

* As an alternative to Facebook, you NOW can also attend Mass by joining the Hospitality Zoom meeting here. Join at 10:30 AM for Mass and then enjoy Hospitality immediately following Mass

(American Sign Language Interpreted)

Find Mass on YouTube HERE

 (Please know all YouTube Masses are posted within 24 Hours)


Zoom Offerings

The Parish has moved to a virtual platform for parish gatherings. Using Zoom Video Conferencing, we are able to connect and stay in communion with one another.


Sunday Coffee Hour (Hosted by Betsey Beckman & Co.)

On Sunday morning immediately following Facebook LIVE Mass, please join Betsey Beckman and others for Sunday Coffee Hour immediately following Mass ONLINE. Since we are unable to gather in person after Mass, we can gather as a community on Zoom. Contact Betsey for link or see the Parish Private Facebook group for details or get the link on the parish wide email.


Breaking Open The Word

Join us for this weekly bible study on Wednesdays at 4:00 PM to study the readings for the upcoming Sunday. Led by Dr. David Ard, a 30 year Theology professor and Ruth Ard, a 25 year Religious Education minister. Contact Deanna ( or the parish private FB group for link or get the link on the parish wide email. This weekly event will take a one week break and be back in the New Year.


Encountering God

This is a thirty minute women's reflection group led by Lisa Dennison and Deanna Tighe. Join us for a break in your day, reflecting on where you are finding God's life-giving love in your life today. The group will meet at 11:00 AM on Thursdays. Contact Deanna ( or the parish private FB group for link or get the link on the parish wide emailThis weekly event will take a one week break and be back in the New Year.


Coffee & Conversation w/Dcn. Dennis & Fr. Bryan 

Join our pastoral leaders for a weekly chat and cup of coffee at 9:30 AM every Wednesday along with our sister parish. This is a great chance to learn more about each other and grow in relationship. Please contact Deacon Dennis or the parish private FB group for link or get the link on the parish wide emailThis weekly event will take a one week break and be back in the New Year.


Thursday Bible Study

Every Thursday evening, a weekly gathering of St. Patrick parishioners studies the meaning of scriptural texts in their own lives. The group draws on scholars' biblical interpretations, papal teachings and textual footnotes. But the main focus is on personal responses to scriptural passages and how they relate to our lives today. If you'd like more information about joining this discussion on Zoom, please email Dennis Ortblad.



Here are some quick tips for using Zoom:

(For PC/Mac):

  1. Go to  and install the Zoom app for Mac or PC.

(For iPhone/Android):

  1. Download "ZOOM Cloud Meetings" (also known as "") from your respective app store.

  2. Note that you *shouldn't* need to sign in or create an account.

 After you have downloaded the App:

  1. Click this LINK to join.

  2. Open the Zoom app that you have installed, and choose "Join a Meeting."

  3. Enter the meeting details from the email you received from me, and enter your name.

  4. Choose "Join."

Other tips for using Zoom:

  • It is significantly easier to use on your phone - just click on the link in your email and it will prompt you to download the app if you haven’t already, and your video and audio are up and running.
  • Easier to hear with headphones
  • When Zoom asks for your name, use your whole name, not the default of your email address. It shows up on the screen and helps create community. 
  • If you choose to do it on your computer, plug in headphones, or don’t use the computer audio and instead dial from your cellphone. Many computers have very poor microphones and speakers. Also, many computers don’t have built in webcams so you may only be able to participate via audio. 
  • Learn how to MUTE your audio when not talking (look for the microphone icon on the interface and click on it) if there is a lot of noise in your home (barking dog, etc.). This will allow people to hear.


We look forward to you joining our parish community ONLINE for Facebook LIVE Mass at our regular time for Sunday Mass at 10:30 AM

To watch a streaming video feed on St. Patrick's private page: 

(LIVE at 10:30 AM on Sunday)

1) Sign in to Facebook (

2) Navigate to St. Pat's page at  

3) Scroll down the page until you see "St. Patrick Catholic Church, Seattle is LIVE"."

4) Click on the video you see playing to expand it larger. Video defaults to mute and you will not be hearing it yet.

5) Use the speaker volume symbol on the bottom right of the video to unmute the video. Click once to unmute. Click and drag the toggle up and down to adjust the volume. If the video still has no sound please check your computer's audio settings and make sure your computer isn't muted or low volume.  

6) You are welcome to add a comment to the video, especially if prompted by Fr. Bryan or Dn. Dennis - it will work just like any other Facebook comment does and it will not disrupt the Mass in progress.

7) If you miss the live feed, you will find a version you can watch at anytime.

(8) If you are a member of Facebook, but do not have access to St. Pat's private group, please send an email to Sharie Bowman ( for access.

If you are not a member of Facebook, you may want to create a temporary account during this time in order to join us ONLINE for Mass.