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A Welcoming and Affirming Faith Community

We, the people of God at St. Patrick's Catholic Church, are a welcoming Christ-centered community committed to keeping alive the vision and hope of Vatican II. Our Sunday liturgy, enhanced by the creative arts, strengthens us for the work of peace and justice in the world and challenges us to live in communion with one another and all of creation.




"I will not leave you orphans; I will come to you"                                       - John 14:18




Dear Friends in Christ,

During my time serving as campus minister at Archbishop Murphy High School, we had a school motto repeated several times a day during campus-wide prayer: "In Christ there is Joy and Hope." The same motto was on Seattle Archbishop Thomas J. Murphy's Episcopal Coat of Arms. It's a message that carries the school through good times and bad. None were worse than when we lost our first student in a freak accident on May 9, 2015. Her name was Kristi Bartz. She had just served as one of my leaders for the Kairos Retreat for seniors and juniors. Kristi was a strong-willed young lady who didn't want to serve as leader for the retreat, preferring instead to be behind the scenes. She was struggling in her faith journey and didn't want to appear a hypocrite to her classmates. When I asked her to pray on my request to step into the spotlight as a student leader, she said she would, and then stormed away (teenagers!). When she returned the next day, she said, as a leap of faith she would serve as a leader. After the retreat, she told me, "Thank you for pushing me to lead. I was right where God wanted me to be." And she meant every word.

About six weeks later her life ended. On what would have been her 18th birthday, five days after her death, we held a beautiful community ceremony at the school with nearly a thousand students, friends and family to celebrate the life of Kristi Bartz. The day happened to be the actual day of the Ascension on the liturgical calendar. At the end of the night, we walked to the football field, carrying a thousand yellow balloons (Kristi's favorite color). We read the same reading from Acts of the Apostles we will hear this Sunday, then released the balloons into the air. As they ascended, every person said they felt something meaningful spiritually. Many (students and adults alike) experienced Christ present in the moment. In Christ there is Joy and Hope. This is what we live for -- an eternity in heaven with Jesus. This gives us the joy and hope we need to navigate this life, especially through the occasional valley of tears.

May these challenging times remind us of the hope we have in our future with Christ. May our lives show our gratitude to our creator by our daily words and actions. May we give God the glory for blessing us with everything in this life and everything in our future together with Christ.


Deacon Dennis Kelly 

Pastoral Coordinator  

Christ Our Hope / St. Patrick Parish Communities


Each year at this time, Archbishop Etienne invites us to support the essential ministries and shared services of the Archdiocese. The impact and spread of the COVID-19 pandemic have created extraordinary challenges not only for our parish, but also the Archdiocese. Many of your fellow parishioners may not be able to contribute this year, so your support and participation in this appeal is critical! 

This year St. Patrick's share of the Appeal is $36,708. If we exceed this goal, all excess payments received will come back to us and be put towards losses sustained from the pandemic.

You should have received from the Archbishop a pledge card in the mail with a return envelope last week.  If we will be sending out one from the parish this coming week. You can donate by returning the card in the mail, or calling 1-800-809-4921. Alternatively, you can online to secure your pledge or gift at

One question we often get about the Annual Catholic Appeal is how is it different from Stewardship of Treasure? Below is information about how these are two distinct and essential forms of giving. Thank you for your participation and sharing of your gift! 

Annual Catholic Appeal vs. Stewardship of Treasure 

How does the Annual Appeal differ from my parish stewardship giving?

Annual Catholic Appeal (NOW - Spring)

  • Occurs in the Spring of each year
  • Archdiocesan campaign (Denominational)
  • Supports over 60 ministries and services throughout Western Washington
  • Pledge to the Archdiocese - May to April
  • Donations processed through Archdiocese

Parish Stewardship of Treasure (Fall)

  • Occurs in the Fall of each year
  • Parish renewal (Congregational)
  • Provides parish ordinary income supporting the work and ministries of St. Patrick's 
  • Yearly pledge to St. Patrick's parish - January to December
  • Donations processed through St. Patrick's parish



Sundays 10:30am

(American Sign Language Interpreted)

Find Mass on YouTube HERE

 (Please know all YouTube Masses are posted within 24 Hours)


The Parish has moved to a virtual platform for parish gatherings. Using Zoom Video Conferencing, we are able to connect and stay in communion with one another.


Sunday Coffee Hour (Hosted by Betsey Beckman & Co.)

On Sunday morning immediately following Facebook LIVE Mass, please join Betsey Beckman and others for Sunday Coffee Hour immediately following Mass ONLINE. Since we are unable to gather in person after Mass, we can gather as a community on Zoom. Contact Betsey for link or see the Parish Private Facebook group for details or get the link on the parish wide email.


Breaking Open The Word

Join us for this weekly bible study on Wednesdays at 4:00 PM to study the readings for the upcoming Sunday. Led by Dr. David Ard, a 30 year Theology professor and Ruth Ard, a 25 year Religious Education minister. Contact Deanna ( or the parish private FB group for link or get the link on the parish wide email.


Encountering God

This is a thirty minute women's reflection group led by Lisa Dennison and Deanna Tighe. Join us for a break in your day, reflecting on where you are finding God's life-giving love in your life today. The group will meet at 11:00 AM on Thursdays. Contact Deanna ( or the parish private FB group for link or get the link on the parish wide email.


Coffee & Conversation w/Dcn. Dennis & Fr. Bryan 

Join our pastoral leaders for a weekly chat and cup of coffee at 9:30 AM every Wednesday along with our sister parish. This is a great chance to learn more about each other and grow in relationship. Please contact Deacon Dennis or the parish private FB group for link or get the link on the parish wide email.


Thursday Bible Study

Every Thursday evening, a weekly gathering of St. Patrick parishioners studies the meaning of scriptural texts in their own lives. The group draws on scholars' biblical interpretations, papal teachings and textual footnotes. But the main focus is on personal responses to scriptural passages and how they relate to our lives today. If you'd like more information about joining this discussion on Zoom, please email Dennis Ortblad.



Friday Morning Prayer

Every Friday morning through Friday, May 29th, St. Patrick parishioners are invited to join Christ Our Hope parishioners in prayer via ZoomEach week we will pray for each other and for the world using Morning Prayer (Lauds) found in the Divine Office or Liturgy of the Hours. We look forward to seeing you every Friday at 8AM throughout the Easter season. Please contact Deacon Dennis or the parish private FB group for link or get the link on the parish wide email.  



Here are some quick tips for using Zoom:

(For PC/Mac):

  1. Go to  and install the Zoom app for Mac or PC.

(For iPhone/Android):

  1. Download "ZOOM Cloud Meetings" (also known as "") from your respective app store.

  2. Note that you *shouldn't* need to sign in or create an account.

 After you have downloaded the App:

  1. Click this LINK to join.

  2. Open the Zoom app that you have installed, and choose "Join a Meeting."

  3. Enter the meeting details from the email you received from me, and enter your name.

  4. Choose "Join."

Other tips for using Zoom:

  • It is significantly easier to use on your phone - just click on the link in your email and it will prompt you to download the app if you haven’t already, and your video and audio are up and running.
  • Easier to hear with headphones
  • When Zoom asks for your name, use your whole name, not the default of your email address. It shows up on the screen and helps create community. 
  • If you choose to do it on your computer, plug in headphones, or don’t use the computer audio and instead dial from your cellphone. Many computers have very poor microphones and speakers. Also, many computers don’t have built in webcams so you may only be able to participate via audio. 
  • Learn how to MUTE your audio when not talking (look for the microphone icon on the interface and click on it) if there is a lot of noise in your home (barking dog, etc.). This will allow people to hear.


We look forward to you joining our parish community ONLINE for Facebook LIVE Mass at our regular time for Sunday Mass at 10:30 AM

To watch a streaming video feed on St. Patrick's private page: 

(LIVE at 10:30 AM on Sunday)

1) Sign in to Facebook (

2) Navigate to St. Pat's page at  

3) Scroll down the page until you see "St. Patrick Catholic Church, Seattle is LIVE"."

4) Click on the video you see playing to expand it larger. Video defaults to mute and you will not be hearing it yet.

5) Use the speaker volume symbol on the bottom right of the video to unmute the video. Click once to unmute. Click and drag the toggle up and down to adjust the volume. If the video still has no sound please check your computer's audio settings and make sure your computer isn't muted or low volume.  

6) You are welcome to add a comment to the video, especially if prompted by Fr. Bryan or Dn. Dennis - it will work just like any other Facebook comment does and it will not disrupt the Mass in progress.

7) If you miss the live feed, you will find a version you can watch at anytime.

(8) If you are a member of Facebook, but do not have access to St. Pat's private group, please send an email to Sharie Bowman ( for access.

If you are not a member of Facebook, you may want to create a temporary account during this time in order to join us ONLINE for Mass.